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There is no emergency department at KMHC. If there is an emergency please call the Peacekeepers

Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre is pleased to have a department solely dedicated to the health and safety of our children. The child Injury prevention unit develops and promotes campaigns that help spread awareness on general and specific safety concerns for children aged 0-18 years. The child injury prevention team works alongside other departments at the hospital to bring about the most up-to-date and evidence-based safety procedures and information which include working with the community health and wellness nurses, cancer prevention nurse, and managers, among other hospital coworkers. Some of our previous endeavors included holding car seat safety clinic checks, a babysitting training course and Home Alone program provided by the Canadian Safety Council and carried out by the KMHC, presentations on summer safety; including sun, water and bike safety, anti-bullying campaigns, bus safety and much more. The goal of child injury prevention is to bring further awareness to our community members on how to keep our children safe from serious physical and emotional injury.

What can you do to help? If there is a specific safety concern you would like to discuss further that relates to our hospital or community, or if you have any additional questions, you can contact the child injury prevention unit by dialing the Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre number and pressing extension 2241. We would be glad to be of assistance, please refer to the contact information below.

Additional Information

There are many additional resources that can be of use to learn about other safe practices to keep children of our community safe. Please refer to the following important links below:

  1. Parachute Canada:
  2. Seats for Kids:
  3. Caring For Kids:
  4. Canadian Safety Council
  5. Red Cross

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