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There is no emergency department at KMHC. If there is an emergency please call the Peacekeepers

Services the KMHC provides for the community’s schools are:

  • Organize and facilitate Youth Wellness Clinics at
  •  Kahnawake Survival School
  • Vision screening for kindergarten and those with vision problems
  • training for school staff and bus drivers on
    • Epipen/anaphylaxis for Severe Allergic Reactions
    • Medications given during the school day
  • Immunization for grade 4 and grace 9 students
  • Assess all health needs of the students brought to attention of the school health nurse
  • Ensure first aid kits are adequately supplied
  • Teaching for students and staff on prevention of blood bourne diseases
  • Puberty classes (grade 5)
  • Healthy sexuality (grade 6)
  • Abuse prevention
  • And any other health related classes as requested by students and/or staff

All Kahnawake schools received support from a registered nurse.

  • Kahnawake Survival School
  • Kateri School
  • Karonhianónhnha School
  • Karihwanóron
  • Indian Way School
  • Step by Step Child and Family Center
  • Young Adults Program

Teen Social Club

Kahnawake Education Center

Consent form for Grade 4 vaccines

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