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There is no emergency department at KMHC. If there is an emergency please call the Peacekeepers

Human Resources (HR)

At KMHC, Human Resources plays a key role in managing the hospital’s most important asset: its employees. The team is committed to providing a work environment that meets employees’ short-term and long-term needs through policy development and implementation, training, career development, and by providing KMHC staff with a benefits package and pension. Recruitment of new employees is coordinated by the Human Resources department. The team organizes new staff orientations, contract signings, and interviews. Incoming applications are received through the department’s general email address.


Policy Development and Implementation

With healthcare being an ever evolving The HR team develops, implements, and enforces policies that set the standards for behavior, procedures, and  compliant with the Quebec Health and Social Services rules and regulations as well as the Commission des normes de l’équité de la santé et de la sécurité de travail (CNESST) within the hospital.

Employee Benefits

Our HR Department manages a comprehensive employee benefits package that includes pension, insurance, wellness programs, Employee Assistance Program, staff health initiatives, and development opportunities.

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