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There is no emergency department at KMHC. If there is an emergency please call the Peacekeepers

Client Experience & Feedback

KMHC values patient centered care, and therefore values the patient and family feedback and experience. To do so, the team periodically conducts patient experience surveys. Feedback is used to continuously improve the services offered at KMHC.

If you have any positive feedback or comments about areas you think could be improved, please share them in the form on this page.

KMHC Ombudsperson

Full name
P: (000) 000-0000

    Examination of complaint by the Ombudsperson:

    The administration and employees of Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre (KMHC) understand that users requiring services are the reason for the very existence of those services and, believe that users are entitled to be treated with respect for their rights and freedoms as well as to some recourse if these rights and freedoms are not respected

    As an institution serving the community of Kahnawà:ke, the KMHC has the responsibility to establish and maintain an appropriate user complaint examination procedure.

    Purpose of the examination of complaint:

    • To resolve complaints fairly and without bias in accordance with the values of Kateri Memorial Hospital Center and through the structural framework established in Quebec’s “Act Respecting Health Services and Social Services”.
    • To make mechanisms for the examination of complaints more transparent, credible, and efficient.
    • To foster mechanisms for assisting users.

    Anti-Mistreatment Policy: According to Anti-Mistreatment Policy, the Ombudsperson must be informed of all reports of alleged mistreatment and is responsible to coordinate and maintain a registry of investigations.

    Stories of Care

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