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There is no emergency department at KMHC. If there is an emergency please call the Peacekeepers

Planning your stay in Inpatient care

Admissions and discharge

The Admissions –Discharge Process at KMHC follows the recommendations of the referring physician(s) of the patient. For more information, please request to speak to the manager of the desired ward (STC or LTC) by calling 450-638-3930, dial 0 and the Operator will transfer your call.

What to bring

It is recommended that you bring:

  • Medicare card (RAMQ)/ ata’karitátshera aohiatónhsera
  • List of medications/ sanonhkwa’shón:’a tsi nikahiatónnion
  • Clothing / Atahkwénnia
  • Personal Hygiene Products / Teiontia’tawiróhare’táhkwa’shón:’a

Patients are welcome to bring items that comfort them, like special blankets, pillows, photos, stuffed animals, etc.

*Please note no powders are allowed.

*All electrical appliances (for example: radios and fans) must be checked and approved by Plant Services before being used in the patient’s room.

*Televisions are available in every bedroom. It is your responsibility to contact the cable company in order to activate the cable. You need to supply the cable company with your name, room number, and date of admission.

Room accommodations

Each resident at KMHC has the comfort and privacy of their own room. With one of the best maintained hospital facilities in the region, KMHC offers a clean and home-like environment for each resident.

Who is Caring for you

A multidisciplinary team ensures the best quality of care for residents at KMHC.

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